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The George Brothers A.D.

The summer of '09 was a very difficult time for the George Brothers Band. With the gracious help of many fellow musicians, and an astonishing array of drummers, the tour dates were fullfilled, and all obligations met. One of those drummers stood out above the rest in the sense that he provided an overall feel that was extremely comfortable and very compatible to the style of the band. It was in this way that the George Brothers and Paul Krywy found each other. Having honed his skills in the 90's with some of the busiest and most successful bands in the region, he then spent several years on the road with a couple of Grammy nominated Polka Bands to further enhance his cred. Paul was exactly the tonic which the George Brothers needed to awaken them from their sleepwalk. He provided the spark and the stability the Brothers require to maintain their high level of performance. Paul's technical expertise is astounding. He also has the fastest hands this side of Buddy Rich.

Someone once said, "It's whats up front that counts" . That same someone probably never cared about how it sounds in the back of the hall. For all their activities onstage, the George Brothers know full well that what truly sets them apart is the way they sound offstage. Ask anyone who has seen a George Brothers performance and they are likely to tell of the impeccable sound quality of the band. This is largely due to their dedication in utilizing the best premium audio equipment available in order to enhance the experience for those attending the show.

It is the ongoing mission of the George Brothers Band to continue to provide their audience with the highest quality presentation available. To offer them an alternative in a music scene that promotes conformity. To play songs other groups don't play. To bring a sense of adventure and mystery back to the stage. To give them cause to remember why they fell in love with music in the first place. The thrill is NOT GONE! It's alive and well thank you, and can be found at your nearest George Brothers show.