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About The George Brothers!

From the standpoint of an aspiring musician, growing up in the 1960's definitely had it's advantages. For one thing, it allowed you a front row seat for the single most influential event in pop music history.

Although it had been born a decade earlier, it wasn't until a certain band from England made their American debut on nationwide television that Rock and Roll came of of age. 

For millions of kids across the country (including three brothers from Detroit), this was the moment that changed them forever and set them on their path

The George Brothers Band
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Armed with a musical pedigree which they inherited from their father, who as a big band/swing musician had shared the stage with Benny Goodman and toured with Kate Smith, it was only a matter of time before they discovered their chops and began putting their heritage to the test.

Bobby George

It was Bobby who first began to spread his wings and chance a leap from the nest. A Christmas gift of a Harmony Rocket guitar was all it took for him to hang up his baseball glove and embark on what he soon realized was his true calling.  Immediate success on the teen club circuit (including some television appearances) validated his choice and gave him all the incentive he needed to further pursue his dreams.

David George

Like many people of Italian ancestry, David tends to talk with his hands. The only difference is that his hands are holding drumsticks. Emulating his heroes soon led to the development of his own style, which is an infusion of their influence coupled with his own methodology. David is a meat and potatoes man. He is also a meat and potatoes drummer. Rock solid and to the point.

Barry George

Waiting in the wings for his chance to shine was Barry. Even though he was always drawn to the piano, the logical choice would be for him to play bass. Lucky for them he took to it like a moth to a flame. Driving the groove has become his trademark, and the groove has become the signature of the George Brother’s sound.

Not to mention that between Bobby and Barry the vocals are world class. Although their vocal styles are diverse, their delivery contains one common element-STRENGTH!

Long have The George Brothers called upon the services of keyboardist Patrick Harwood to lend his considerable talents to their cause. Since the early days of the band and many times thereafter, he has been there to provide textures and orchestrations that prove to be vital components of the classical rock sound they covet. His contributions on stage and in the studio are an integral part of their style and have helped tremendously in defining the scope of their presentation.

Throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s the George Brothers enjoyed success both together and with separate musical ventures, and the list of bands with which they have performed is quite impressive, albeit too numerous to mention. But take note that many times when a famous artist comes to town and needs a band to back them up, they know who to call. Although they have been playing together for many years, those who are in the know feel that the George Brothers are just beginning to hit their stride. The blistering guitar work, the thunderous bass, the pounding beat, the vocal power, and the symphonic layering transfixes their audience by transforming their performances into displays of sheer talent, versatility, and authenticity. It’s almost as if it’s become second nature to them.  Sit back and watch the sparks fly and you will be amazed at what you see and hear.

The George Brothers A.D.

Now and forever let it be known that all future George Brothers performances are hereby dedicated to the memory of brother David, whose tragic and untimely demise during a show on May 9th 2009 leaves a void in our hearts that can never truly be filled. Few get to choose the manner in which they exit this world, and fewer still get to depart while doing something which they lived for. This can be said of David Alan George: He Died Well. We hereby resolve to take up the mantle in the spirit of our fallen brother, and use whatever strength remains in our hearts to continue doing what we were BORN to do. What we MUST do. And by doing so, make David proud.